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Retro Couch

Retro Couch

    Retro is back and the Funky Sofa is honored to offer the ultimate retro couch that will bring back and explosion of memories for those who grew up in the 1970s and 80's. The retro couch offered via the website is bold and funky and like all the other types of chairs and sofas which are offered on the site, the retro couch is available in a range of colors and fabrics - however, the retro design of the couch will allow for many fond memories to be jogged. The retro couch is manufactured by Funky Sofa and in addition to being a simple retro couch, the couch can be purchased by way of a retro sleeper couch, and to keep the retro feel, Funky Sofa has developed a range of trendy Funky Sofa accessories that will accentuate the totally retro design. Funky Sofa is a small furniture manufacturing company that is based in Orange County has they have been manufacturing and selling their own range of furniture for over a decade. Although our factory is located in Orange County, we will gladly arrange delivery of the retro couch to any area in the country and because we are the sole manufacturers of the retro couch, we have been able to remove the middle man and keep our prices affordable. If you loved the '70's - now is the time to introduce the funky era to your living room, as our retro couch is on special for the incredible price of $699.00.

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    Sale Starting At: $999.00
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    Take a moment to browse the Funky Sofa website and allow us to help you to design your own furniture that will be totally different to any store-bought furniture. Should you be seeking a retro couch or a classic couch, or ultra modern and contemporary furniture, you will find that our furniture is perfect for all themes and since we have thousands of fabrics and colors to choose from and as such you can design a retro couch that will match your existing décor. Other couch types to choose from include, the Jake Couch, the Cisco couch and the Enzo Sofa - however for those who are looking for totally retro appeal the retro couch is the ultimate in retro. The furniture that is ordered via the Funky Sofa website is made to last and our crew of talented crafters, made up of seamstresses, upholsterers and carpenters are more than able to manufacture virtually any kind and any style of furniture - retro, modern or simple. Since furniture manufacturing is our primary line of business, we go the extra mile to make certain that the retro couch produced is unmatched in quality and before delivery of the retro couch is made, we will inspect the couch with a fine-tooth comb.

    Only the best quality micro fiber and woven fabrics will be used for the upholstery of the retro couch and the fabrics used will be obtained from mills located in the US and abroad. To view the retro couch, along with our other couch designs, as well as chairs, loveseats, ottomans and chaises, take a moment to browse our website,

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