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Cool, creative and modern furniture to transform what used to be just a room into a stunning nightclub, bar or lounge? FunkySofa can help!

Furniture is a vital part of any nightclub, both in helping to set the tone of the atmosphere and providing yet another enjoyable sensory component of the nightclub experience.

Nightclub Furniture installation at famous bar

With a wide variety of colors, styles, fabrics, and shapes and the ability to custom design your nightclub furniture to the very last detail, FunkySofa can fulfill any client request. We strive for uniqueness and originality in our furniture, and to help create a one of a kind environment for your nightclub or bar. A unique and comfortable environment is a crucial factor in attracting repeat customers and spreading the word about your business around the city.

Our Nightclub Furniture is durable and sturdy, and can handle all the wear, tear and spilled drinks that occur during a night on the town. Plus, since FunkySofa is both the manufacturer and distributor, by cutting out the middleman we can offer our furniture at greatly reduced prices. High quality furniture for a low price - it doesn't get better than this!

Another Cool Nightclub Furniture Installation Nightclub Lounge Furniture Demo

Join satisfied clients from all over the country, including:
  • Britney Spears' "Circus" VIP Lounge 2009 Concert Tour
  • Ember Nightclub in Anaheim, CA
  • Club Nero at Caesars Palace in Lake Tahoe, NV
  • 18th Amendment Club in Washington DC
  • Club Sanctuary in Melbourne, FL

Call 1-800-566-6578 for Nightclub Furniture!
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